After participating in Washington’s dynamic growth and diversification for the past 30 years, we are fluent in virtually all elements of public affairs strategy development and execution.  These include coordinating public opinion research to better understand issues and opportunities; developing communication plans and messages to support a client’s advocacy needs at any level of government; building coalitions that deliver bi-partisan support for projects; and helping our clients understand and steer their way through the political waters they must navigate to be successful.  

Here are just some of the ways we can help your organization:

• Development of comprehensive public affairs strategies and plans

• Gathering and utilizing both quantitative and qualitative opinion research

• Coordinating stakeholder outreach, engagement and mobilization strategies

• Aligning your brand and reputation with your public advocacy goals

• Building and mobilizing broad-based coalitions

• Creating and testing message platforms for all communications

• Developing and executing earned media and social media plans

• Providing coordinated advocacy support for lobbying efforts and major capital projects

• Coordinating public affairs strategies to support major capital projects

• Creating and utilizing effective issues materials

• Engaging effectively with local government

• Executing advertising and communications campaigns, including direct mail

• Developing and delivering community presentations

• Planning, managing and facilitating organizational and public meetings