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One of the best things about being public affairs consultants is that our work helps us understand the needs of our community.  Then we can lend our time and talents to help address those needs. That commitment to making our area a better place is a very important part of the Fisher-Jurkovich philosophy.  You can see it in some of the client projects we take on.  Or the pro-bono advice we offer community organizations when they need some thoughtful direction.  Or in how we invest some of our time, resources and talents.

Most recently, Brad has led the SideWalk Board of Directors work on rapid re-housing strategies for the homeless in Olympia.  Prior to that, Brad was a key leader in the drive to create a new Hands-¬On Children’s Museum in Olympia, a project that has involved working with multiple layers of government, engaging countless stakeholders, and raising nearly $20 million. All the hard work came to fruition with the 2012 opening of this award-¬winning museum and early learning center. It’s a magnificent asset for area families and the entire region.

David also has a long history of volunteer work, ranging from Special Olympics to serving as a Governor’s appointee to the state’s Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission. He currently serves as board president of the YMCA Youth & Government program which gives young people exposure to all facets of our democracy while building their confidence, leadership skills and tolerance of other points of view.

As members of the Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Thurston County Roundtable, and Association of Washington Business, we believe that it is critically important to be contributing members of the community where we work and live.  

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