We take a different approach than traditional communications and public affairs agencies. 
We serve as your non-agency public affairs agency, taking a hands-on approach to developing and executing a strategic plan that fits your project needs.  
So you know that the people meeting with you to get your business are also the people actually working on your business.  

And if we need specialized expertise to do the job, we have a network of professional relationships we bring to the table.

Our fees are based on what it takes to complete the project, without extra overhead.  
Our focused, partner-involved approach puts the client’s needs first, providing the benefits of a mainstream agency while eliminating some of the potential drawbacks.
If you find that approach refreshing, here a few more things you should know about us:

  • The projects that excite us are those where our services can make a meaningful difference in achieving success. We think it’s a lot more exciting to see a project move forward and begin creating jobs than it is to engage in endless activities involving more process than progress.
  • We pride ourselves in bringing a balanced, non-partisan approach to your business. So you can be assured that the advice you’re getting from Fisher-Jurkovich is what we honestly think is best for your organization.

  • The public arena is inherently uncertain; it will throw you more curve-balls than an aging southpaw. So you don’t need any surprises from your public affairs consultants. That’s why we do everything we can to take guesswork out of the relationship.
  • Finally, we take our work more seriously than we take ourselves. While the best way to build a great working relationship is to do great work and produce results on your behalf, we also want the relationship to be as friendly as possible. We check our egos at the door; if rolling up our sleeves and stuffing envelopes is needed, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

...And maybe we’ll share a few laughs along the way.